1. What documentation is required if I am a U.S. citizen and I am traveling out of the country?
    A valid passport is required to travel outside of the US. Many countries require that your US passport be valid al least 6 months beyond the intended dates of your trip. If your passport expires before the required validity you will have to apply for a new one. It is recommended you check with the nearest embassy or consular office of the country you are planning to visit for their requirements.
  2. What information is required to make a reservation?
    When making a reservation you will need to provide your name exactly as it appears on the photo ID you will be using when traveling along with your date of birth. Failure to provide correct name can cause loss of reservation and financial penalties to passenger to correct name.
  3. How do I obtain a passport?
    For information visit: http://travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html
  4. VISA'S, do I need one?
    It is the passengers responsibility to check with the embassy of the country or countries they are traveling or transiting through for any visa requirements.
  5. What are the baggage restrictions for checked baggage and carry on?
    Airline's luggage restrictions vary and you should check directly with the airlines as to their current requirements. Additionally, if you are changing airlines you'll need to take into account the luggage limits for all the airlines you use. If you are taking a tour the tour company may have different and more restrictive limitations than the airline. Ask your agent or contact the tour company for their restrictions.
  6. How early should I check in for my flights?
    Generally you should check in about 2 and half hours prior to departure. If you are traveling on a charter flight there may be different requirements check with your travel agent or the charter company.
  7. Schedule Changes and reconfirmations
    Panorama Travel is not responsible for airline schedule changes It is the passengers responsibility to reconfirm their flights 72 hours prior to departure to ensure there have not been any schedule changes. It is required that you advise your telephone contact at your final destination.
  8. Prohibited Items for Carry On Bags
    For a current list of prohibited items for carry on bags visit
  9. What are the current rules for carrying liquids on board?
    For current restrictions regarding carrying liquids on board visit